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"Camfrog is a dangerous Adult website"

When I first began using camfrog almost a year ago my first impression was that the program seemed fun to use.

But after a while I became increasingly aware of major problems with the program.

There are alarmingly large numbers of sexual predators that habit the rooms. They have the ability to change identities from male to female or adult to minor within minutes to gain access to children as young as thirteen.

Although camfrog may state that it is active in the protection of minors. It fails to do so. If a pedophile or sexual predator is witnessed performing offensive sexual acts on webcam and removed by an operator. They can return in a few minutes after a few changes to their computer to resume their abuse.

Camfrogs attempts to ban these types of people is not adequate and fails miserably.

Attempts to contact camfrog results in unanswered email, or email that is returned. Camfrogs lack of support is disturbing.

It is important to note that camfrog operators are known to act inappropriately. Abuse of position is a common practice. Some users are targetted by camfrog operators and cyber bullied or mistreated with punishments and bans.

Any attempt to complain about the actions of a camfrog employee results in further attacks and mistreatment by operators.

Recently camfrog employed a minor to work as an operator in a chatroom. An operator is required to monitor webcams,microphones and text. The operator was then exposed to and became a victim of sexual abuse.

Exposing a minor to sexual abuse or placing them in a position of danger is a crime.

I will be contacting law enforcement regards this incident.

Camfrog is not a safe, user friendly website. It is a dangerous over 18 adult website.

Parents would be well advised to prevent their children from using this program.

  • Video quality
  • Internet predators
  • Pedophiles
  • Dishonest administration and staff
  • Sexual abuse of minors
  • Cyber bullying
  • Racism
  • sound issues
  • hacking
  • sending of virusses
  • Poor sound quality

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19 Aug 2009

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